Precision Painting Inc. strives to provide the best paint job possible that suits your needs and budget. We are confident in the high quality materials we use and the care we take in applying them, and offer a 2 year guarantee on labor and a 5 year guarantee on materials.

  • During the first 2 years of your warranty, you pay nothing for any repairs needed to your home due to defective products (peeling, blistering, flaking or fading).
  • During year 3 through 5, you pay only for the labor to repair any defective materials at a rate of $40/hour. Please note that our warranty is limited to the product and workmanship, and does not cover any physical damage done to the painted surfaces, including but not limited to:
    • Damage from trees or shrubs rubbing on the siding
    • Damage from improperly using a pressure washer
    • Removal/replacement of trim/doors/shutters/house numbers etc
    • Damage from any other contractor- carpenters, roofers, lawn service, etc
    • Damage from animals –dogs, squirrels, raccoons, bird droppings, etc
    • Damage caused by using harsh cleaners/solvents
    • Water damage caused by winter “ice damming”, other roof leaks, breakdown of previously applied coatings, inner coat peeling under the existing coating, weakened or inferior substrates, rust and paint failure on any metal surfaces and decks, patios or flooring are not covered by this guarantee.
  • All maintenance work will be performed between June 15th and August 15th each year.
  • Maintenance work requests received after August 15th will be completed the following year. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: In the event Contractor (Precision Painting Inc.) encounters on the job site lead-based paint or any other hazardous material such as, but not limited to, asbestos about which the Contractor has not been notified in writing prior to entering into the Agreement with the Owner, the Contractor shall immediately stop work and shall not be responsible for the testing, removal disposal or rendering harmless of such material. The Owner agrees to hold the Contractor harmless as to any liability resulting from such material in the event the Contractor has not been notified ahead as aforesaid. Additional costs including overhead and profit, incurred by these conditions shall e reimbursed to the Contractor. A small amount of touch-up paint will be left behind to remedy any physical damage that may occur from time to time. This warranty is for the sole possession of the original owner and is not transferable to subsequent owners or tenants.