Interior Painting Services

An excellent paint job can create a stunning, elegant transformation in a home's interior.

Precision Painting guarantees beautiful, long-lasting results by giving meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of a project.

We use superior products at every stage of preparation, painting, and touch-up.

Interior Services Include:


  • move furniture to center of room
  • protect flooring, furniture, and fixtures from paint
  • remove outlet covers, window coverings, blinds, and vents as needed
  • fill all cracks and holes with spackling or caulking
  • patch damaged drywall
  • prime over stains
  • tape all woodwork and trim using a premium low tack tape
  • sand all walls for smooth finish
  • apply 1-2 coats of premium paint
  • complete cleanup including vacuuming behind furniture
  • label and date all leftover paint