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Exterior Painting

A quality exterior paint job will restore the beauty of your home and protect it for many years.  To achieve this for our customers Precision Painting does not cut any corners.  At every step, we use nothing but proper techniques and premium products.  Our painters employ excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We will make your home shine!

Services Include:

-powerwash to remove dirt, webs, mildew, etc.

-protect all windows, roof, brick, concrete and landscaping from paint

-scrape and remove loose paint and caulking

-sand all peeling areas as needed

-prime sore spots using the highest quality primers

-tighten loose boards as needed

-reset loose nails

-caulk gaps, cracks, and holes using the highest quality caulking

-wire brush all foundation, rusty water meters and pipes

-apply rust-inhibiting primer to any rust areas

-clean mildew/mold spots with bleach

-apply 1-2 coats of premium paint

-complete job site cleanup

- includes 2-5 yr written warranty


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